Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Dog Food Review

Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Dry Dog Food

Customer Satisfaction(4.6/5)

Ingredient Quality(3.5/5)

Product Availability(4.8/5)

Formula Variety(4/5)

About the Brand

Pros and Cons


  • High-Quality Protein: The emphasis on real meat as the primary ingredient supports lean muscle mass and overall vitality.

  • Grain-Free for Sensitivities: An excellent choice for dogs with grain allergies or intolerances, providing them with a diet that’s easier on their digestive systems.

  • No Artificial Additives: The commitment to natural ingredients means pets are less likely to consume potentially harmful chemicals.

  • Supports Animal Welfare: Purchasing this product contributes to helping animals in need, adding a feel-good factor to the nutritional benefits.


  • Cost Factor: Quality ingredients come at a higher price, making this brand a pricier option compared to budget-friendly foods.

  • Limited Variety: While the available flavors are palatable, some dogs might crave more variety or specific protein sources not offered.

  • Grain-Free Concerns: The ongoing investigation into the link between grain-free diets and heart disease (DCM) in dogs is a consideration for pet owners.

Ingredient Breakdown

Formulas Available

Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe

A fish-based formula, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for skin and coat health.

Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe

A natural, grain-free dog food crafted with farm-raised chicken as the number one ingredient, blended with sweet potatoes for a nutritious and delicious meal that’s free from gluten ingredients.”

    Sizes Available

    • 4 lb bag: Perfect for small dogs or those looking to test the food.
    • 12 lb bag: Suitable for medium-sized dogs or multiple small dogs.
    • 28 lb bag: Best value for large dog households or multiple-dog families.

    Final Thoughts

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