The Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient Dog Food Review: How Limited Is Its Ingredients?

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I first came across The Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient dog food when I wrote a review on the grain free version of The Honest Kitchen dog food. As a pet owner that used to have a dog that was sensitive to everything (before he passed), I wish I came across this food sooner. Good limited ingredient diets for dogs are hard to come by, but there are so many of them out there, it can be difficult to find one that fits the needs of your dog.

So, how does The Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient dog food stack up against the competition? Let’s jump right into my Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient dog food review to find out!

For this The Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient dog food review, I will be focusing on the Limited Ingredient Chicken recipe.

the honest kitchen limited ingredient dog food review

Name: The Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient

Website URL:

Flavors Available: Free range chicken,  Free range raised beef,  cage free turkey, wild caught fish, whole grain chicken, whole grain turkey, whole grain beef, fruit and veggies base mix and veggie, nut and seed base mix

Sizes Available: 3 pounds, 4 pounds, 7 pounds and 10 pounds

Overall Rating: paw printpaw printpaw printpaw printpaw print


Guaranteed Analysis

Protein: As Received: 26.00%, DM Basis: 28.05%

Fat: As Received: 16.00%, DM Basis 17.26%

Fiber: As Received: 6.30%, DM Basis: 6.80%

Calories: As Received: 4500.00 Kcal/kg, DM Basis: 4854.37 Kcal/kg

Calories As Received: 516.00 cup, DM Basis: 556.63 cup

Moisture: As Received: 7.30%



Chicken, organic quinoa, sweet potatoes, spinach, parsley, organic kelp, tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, iron amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate, sodium selenite, thiamine mononitrate

Ingredient Breakdown


This is a high quality and highly digestible protein source. It is packed full of essential amino acids and minerals that can help lead to proper muscle development and fuel your dog with the energy he or she needs.

Organic Quinoa

This is an ingredient that is packed full of fiber which can help promote a healthy digestive tract. It is considered to be a “superfood”, packed full of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, making it a better alternative to corn, soy and wheat. However, keep in mind that since it is high in fiber, it can cause stomach upset and give dogs diarrhea if eaten in excess.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a starchy ingredient that is rich in fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, iron and calcium. With a sweet flavor, it is perfect for dogs who are picky eaters.


Spinach is an ingredient that is highly beneficial for dogs. Spinach is packed full of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin A, all of which can help improve the quality of a dog’s skin, coat and immune system. It is also packed full of fiber, iron and plenty of protein.


Parsley is often added into dog treats as it is known for its ability to help natural freshen a dog’s breath. However, in dog food, it is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin K, Vitamin C which can help boost the immune system, Vitamin A to promote eye healthy and can help sooth digestive issues.

Organic Kelp

Kelp is an ingredient that is known for helping to promote glandular function in dogs of all ages. Kelp can help promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.


The Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient Dog Food Recipes, Sizes and Price

Dehydrated Limited Ingredient Turkey Recipe

With the help of this recipe, minimalism never tasted so great! This is a recipe made with 6 simple ingredients, it is moderate in calories and even relatively easy on a dog’s digestive system. It is the perfect recipe for dogs who suffer from food sensitivities.

Sizes Available: 2 pounds, 4 pounds and 10 pounds

Dehydrated Limited Chicken Recipe

This is a limited ingredient recipe where you won’t find any ingredients you won’t be able to pronounce. Made with free range chicken, quinoa and 4 healthy ingredients, this high calorie and high protein recipe is perfect for dogs regardless of age.

Sizes Available: 2 pounds, 4 pounds and 10 pounds

Dehydrated Limited Ingredient Beef Recipe

This is a recipe that proves less is more when it comes to optimal health. Made with six grain free ingredients, it is a well balanced and complete meal dogs of all ages will love. Made with ranch raised beef and chickpeas, it is packed with an irresistible flavor and great for dogs with food sensitivities.

Sizes Available: 2 pounds, 4 pounds and 10 pounds

Dehydrated Limited Ingredient Fish Recipe

If you are looking for a fish recipe that is over packed with essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids but made with limited ingredients, look no further. Made with a healthy dose of fiber, fat, high in protein and easy on the calories, it is a formula perfect for dogs of all life stages.

Sizes Available: 4 pounds and 10 pounds

Dehydrated Limited Ingredient Duck Recipe

This delicious cage free duck recipe is perfect for picky dogs with sensitive tummies. Made with six grain free ingredients, it makes a completely balanced meal for dogs who have to stick with a minimalist diet for sensitivities.

Sizes Available: 4 pounds and 10 pounds


The Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient Dog Food Reviews and Ratings

When it comes to actual Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient dog food reviews and ratings from actual pet parents, most pet parents actually rave about this food. Check out what some pet parents have been saying about this food below!

This is a great food for dogs that need to go on a limited ingredient diet. One of my dogs currently suffers from IBD. Since there is no known cure for this condition, you can imagine my frustration finding the perfect food that won’t upset their belly. It wasn’t until I tried The Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient diet that we found the perfect for food him. Ever since switching him to this food, he hasn’t had any issues. Couldn’t recommend this food enough! -bendthespoon, January 13th

Healthy dog food! I have been feeding my two Dachshunds the Honest Kitchen line of food for years. We have recently switched them onto the Limited Ingredient diet because of their sensitive stomachs. Their stools are normal and they love it. -Linda, March 5th

My dog gobbles up this food. This line of food was suggested to me by my vet since my dog currently suffers from various GI issues. So far she is loving the food and so is her stomach. No complaints here. -Beach Camper, December 19th

This is a trusted brand every pet owner can trust. My service dog needs to follow a strict low ingredient diet and she absolutely loves this food. I personally make this food with less water than instructed. This is a brand that has truly earned my respect over the past couple of years. -ProudPittieMoM, April 4th

My Frenchies are happy with this food. One of my dogs has a very finicky stomach and this is the only brand of food that sits well with him. Both of my dogs have been eating this diet for 4 months and they both love it. -n3rve5, May 10th

My Final Opinion

After carefully looking at The Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient line of food by looking at its availability, price, carefully looking at all of the ingredients and taking into account what pet parents have been saying about this food, this is perhaps one of the best limited ingredients diet I can recommend. Typically, all of the recipes are made with six ingredients or less and have a proven tract history of being beneficial to dogs who need specialty diets. While it can be a bit on the pricey side, with its limited ingredients, all of which are of the highest quality, the price is worth it in my opinion.

Final Verdict:

thumbs up

Highly Recommended


Have you tried The Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient dog food? If so, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!


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