Taste of the Wild Cat Food: Feed Your Cat’s Wild Side?

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Taste of the Wild cat food is probably one of my favorite brands on the market for cats. This is because Taste of the Wild is known for making quality diets for dogs, and their cat formulas tend to stack just as highly in terms of quality as well.

In this in-depth Taste of the Wild cat food review, we will take a closer look at Taste of the Wild by looking at the ingredients, flavors, and formulas available and checking out what real cat owners are saying about this food.

For this review, I will be focusing on the Canyon River Feline recipe.

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taste of the wild cat food

My Honest Taste of the Wild Cat Food Review


Name: Taste of the Wild

Website URL: www.tasteofthewildpetfood.com

Flavors Available: Angus Beef, Trout & Smoked Salmon, Roasted Quail & Roasted Duck, Roasted Venison & Smoked Salmon, and Turkey

Formulas Available: Limited Ingredient, Rocky Mountain, Lowland Creek, and Canyon River

Sizes Available: 5 pounds, 6 pounds, 14 pounds, and 15 pounds

Price: Varies

Overall Rating:  paw print ratingpaw print ratingpaw print ratingpaw print rating


Pros. Vs. Cons.


  • High-quality protein ingredients used
  • Various flavors and formulas available


  • Too many pea ingredients used
  • Mixed customer reviews
  • Expensive price


Guaranteed Analysis


Crude Protein 32.0% minimum
Crude Fat 16.0% minimum
Crude Fiber 3.0% maximum
Moisture 10.0% maximum
Zinc 120 mg/kg minimum
Selenium 0.3 mg/kg minimum
Vitamin E 150 IU/kg minimum
Taurine 0.15% minimum
Omega-6 Fatty Acids* 2.4% minimum
Omega-3 Fatty Acids* 0.3% minimum
Total Microorganisms* (Lactobacillus plantarum, Bacillus subtilis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Enterococcus faecium, Bifidobacterium animalis) not less than 80,000,000 CFU/lb



Trout, ocean fish meal, sweet potatoes, potatoes, pea protein, potato protein, canola oil, smoked salmon, natural flavor, DL-Methionine, potassium chloride, choline chloride, taurine, dried chicory root, tomatoes, blueberries, raspberries, yucca schidigera extract, dried Lactobacillus plantarum fermentation product, dried Bacillus subtilis fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried Enterococcus faecium fermentation product, dried Bifidobacterium animalis fermentation product, zinc proteinate, vitamin E supplement, niacin, manganese proteinate, copper proteinate, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin A supplement, biotin, potassium iodide, calcium pantothenate, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin B12 supplement, manganous oxide, sodium selenite, vitamin D supplement, folic acid.


Ingredient Breakdown


This is a high-quality source of protein that is loaded with potassium and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Ocean Fish Meal

This is a source of protein that can contain as much as 300% more protein than ocean fish contains alone. This ingredient typically consists of undecomposed fish cuttings or whole ocean fish with or without the oil. It is a source of Omega 3 fatty acids. The problem is this ingredient doesn’t exactly label what type of ocean fish is utilized, hence why I have flagged it.

Sweet Potatoes

This is a quality source of carbohydrates. It is low in fat and loaded with essential vitamins such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A.


This quality source of low-calorie carbohydrates is rich in Vitamin C, potassium and essential B vitamins.

Pea Protein

This is an ingredient that is typically found in medium to low-quality foods. It consists of the pure plant-based protein deriving from peas.

Potato Protein

This is an ingredient rich in protein deriving from the liquid obtain during potato processing. However, it is only typically used to boost the protein content on the label.

Canola Oil

This ingredient is rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. However, there are better oil alternatives out there for cats.

Smoked Salmon

This is an ingredient rich in high-quality protein and omega 3 fatty acids.

Natural Flavor

Just as the name of this ingredient implies, it is used to enhance the flavor of this food. It derives from various meat, fruit and vegetable sources.


This ingredient is typically used to lower the acid levels in urine.

Potassium Chloride

This ingredient is used as a potassium supplement in pet food which can help support healthy heart and nerve function.

Choline Chloride

This ingredient is used as a Vitamin B4 supplement.


This ingredient is an essential amino acid that is important for optimal cardiac function, optimal eye function, and reproduction function.

Dried Chicory Root

This is an ingredient that acts as a natural probiotic, to help support the healthy function of healthy bacteria within the gut. It is also rich in approximately 20% inulin.


This is an ingredient that is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, potassium, folate and Vitamin K.


This is an ingredient that is rich in dietary fiber, folate, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6.


This is a low-calorie ingredient that is rich in dietary fiber, natural antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals optimal for growth.


Flavors, Sizes, and Price

High Protein Lowland Creek

This is a formula by Taste of the Wild is made with 100% real roasted quail and roasted duck, making this formula optimal for cats with food sensitivities. This formula is perfect for cats with high energy levels.

Sizes Available: 5 pounds and 15 pounds


Wild Prey Limited Ingredient Turkey

Just as the name implies, this is the perfect formula for cats that need a limited ingredient diet. It is made with just a few ingredients, including 100% real turkey any cat will love.

Sizes Available: 6 pounds and 14 pounds 


High Protein Rocky Mountain

This is a formula that will feed your cat’s inner carnivore. It is loaded with roasted venison and smoked salmon. It is made using the best superfood ingredients you can find and natural antioxidants, no cat will be able to turn this food away.

Sizes Available: 5 pounds and 15 pounds


High Protein Canyon River

If you want to feed your cat a diet rich in real seafood, then this is the perfect formula for you. It is made using the highest quality salmon and trout as the first primary protein ingredients and contains natural antioxidants, fruits, and vegetables for a completely balanced meal.

Sizes Available: 5 pounds and 15 pounds


Taste of the Wild Cat Food Reviews by Cat Owners

Most of the reviews you will find on Taste of the Wild cat food by actual cat owners tend to be mostly positive. Let’s take a closer look at what some cat owners are saying about this food right now.

“This food has a bit too much of a fishy smell for my taste, but my cat loves it. It has quality ingredients with a huge focus on protein. I have nothing to complain about.” -Eric Jacobson, July 20th

“This is the best option for cats out there. This food is made with so much protein and plenty of healthy vegetables and fruits, it is a quality brand I highly recommend.” -MediaBoxEnt, August 14th

“This is a fantastic cat food. All of my cats can’t get enough of it. It is so good; I even have my dog on this brand as well.” -Shauna, Mayu 18th

“This is the perfect middle ground between quality and price. My cat has suffered from constant digestive issues over the years, but this food is the only one that hasn’t given him any issues. It is a bit pricey, but how healthy it has made my cat, it is well worth the price in my opinion.” -Brandon W., May 10th

“My Calico loves this brand! My cat is elderly and seems to be in much better health now on this food then he has most of his life. I highly recommend it.” -G. Simon, August 30th


Taste of the Wild Cat Food Review: The Bottomline

Looking carefully at Taste of the Wild Cat food, I have no problem recommending it to cat owners. While it does have a slightly expensive price tag, I believe what you get in the bag is well worth the expense. Each formula is made with the highest quality proteins, the perfect balance of wholesome grains, fruits, and vegetables to make each meal completely balanced with the best nutrition you can buy.

Final Verdict:
Highly Recommended


Have you fed your cat Taste of the Wild Cat food? If so, did you agree with my review? Did you disagree with it? Regardless, let me know in the comments below!

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