Pure Balance Dog Food Review: How Balanced Is It?

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I recently came across Pure Balance dog food not for this Pure Balance dog food review, but at my local Walmart. Due to a mishap with my card expiring, I rushed to the local Walmart thinking I was going to get a bag of crap food to hold my dogs over until my new card arrived. But there I noticed how their selection of dog food has changed. While yes, they still have crap brands on their shelves such as Beneful and Iams, they have also expanded their selection by having holistic food brands as well such as Nutrish by Rachael Ray and Dogswell. They also have Pure Balance.

When I ended up leaving the store, I left with a 15-pound bag of Grain-free Pure Balance, quite surprised by the ingredients inside of the bag.

So, what did I find? Let’s jump into my honest Pure Balance dog food review and find out.

For this review, I will be closely looking at the Pure Balance Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe.

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Pure Balance dog food

My Honest Pure Balance Dog Food Review


Name: Pure Balance

Website URL: Unknown

Flavors Available: Bison, Peas and Venison, Salmon and Peas, Chicken and Brown Rice, Lamb and Brown Rice, Trout and Lentil and Turkey and Potato

Formulas Available: Grain-Free, Superfood, Limited Ingredient and Wild and Free

Sizes Available: 4 pounds, 11 pounds, 15 pounds, 24 pounds, and 30 pounds

Price: Varies

Overall Rating: paw print ratingpaw print ratingpaw print rating


Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min) 27.0%

Crude Fat (min) 15.0%

Crude Fiber (max) 5.0%

Moisture (max) 10.0%

Linoleic Acid (min) 3.5%

Zinc (min) 250 mg/kg

Vitamin E (min) 250 IU/kg

Alpha-Linolenic Acid (min) 0.35%

Ascorbic Acid (Source of Vitamin C) (min) 35 mg/kg

L-Carnitine (min) 15 mg/kg



Chicken, Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Brewers Rice, Pea Protein, Poultry Fat (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Rice Bran, Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Dried Egg Product, Natural Flavor, Oatmeal, Sunflower Oil, Dried Peas, Dried Carrots, Whole Flaxseed, Dried Cranberry, Potassium Chloride, Salt, Zinc Proteinate, Vitamin E Supplement, Iron Proteinate, L-Ascorbyl-Z-Polyphosphate (source of Vitamin C), Choline Chloride, Manganese Proteinate, L-Carnitine, Copper Proteinate, Niacin, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Biotin, Sodium Selenite, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Calcium Iodate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (source of Vitamin B6), Folic Acid.


Pure Balance Dog Food Ingredient Breakdown

1. Chicken

Chicken is a high-quality source of protein. However, during the cooking process, the amount of protein used is reduced by at least half.

2. Chicken Meal

Chicken meal is a high-quality protein source that contains as much as 300% more protein than chicken contains alone.

3. Brown Rice

Brown rice is considered to be a healthy source of carbohydrates and fiber, fueling your dog with the energy he or she needs as well as helping to promote a healthy digestive tract.

4. Brewers Rice

This is an ingredient that is nothing more than processed rice products. It contains no beneficial nutrients, so it is seen as nothing more than a filler.

5. Pea Protein

Pea protein is a concentrated derivative of whole peas. It is mostly seen as controversial as it is only really used to boost the protein content of pet food. It is known in the industry to be a starchy filler. It is also high in insoluble fiber, which slows down digestion.

6. Poultry Fat

This is another ingredient that raises a couple of red flags. According to AAFCO, poultry fat is made from the tissue of poultry during the process of rendering or extracting. You are not told what kind of poultry this fat comes from, meaning it can come from dead, diseased, disabled or dying poultry. It can even come from turkey, geese, or roadkill that has not been identified.

7. Rice Bran

Rice bran is the outer portion of the rice grain and is often a by-product of the milling process that changes brown rice to white rice. This is an ingredient that is biologically unusable for dogs as it is a grain and it has a high amount of fat. On top of that years ago, the FDA administered a warning about arsenic found in rice and rice products, one of them being rice bran.

8. Dried Plain Beet Pulp

This is another controversial ingredient used in pet foods today. It is a known source of fiber, which can help to promote optimal digestive health. However, it can also be seen as an unnecessary filler.

9. Dried Egg Product

Dried egg product is an egg obtained from an egg hatchery and dehydrated for use in commercial dog foods. It is packed with protein and seen as moderately nutritious.

10. Natural Flavor

While the flavor itself isn’t considered to be controversial, it is the fact that you are not told where the flavor exactly comes from. This flavoring tends to come from various meat, vegetable and fruit sources. It is used to primarily boost the flavor of the food to entire a dog to consume it.

11. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a known source of fiber which is known to help support a healthy GI system. It is also used to help alleviate upset stomachs.

12. Sunflower Oil

This is an ingredient that is not typically found in many commercial pet foods today. It is a healthier source of fat and is packed with essential fatty acids to help promote a healthy coat and healthy skin.

13. Dried Peas

Peas contain a surprising amount of protein. Peas are also a source of fiber, Vitamin A, and potassium. It can help to promote optimal GI health as well as boost the protein content within a dog’s food.

14. Dried Carrots

Carrots are low in calories, yet are high in fiber and are packed full of vitamins. Carrots can be beneficial for a dog’s overall health as well as keep a dog’s teeth nice and clean.

15. Whole Flaxseed

This is another highly controversial ingredient used in various commercial pet foods. Regardless of the views, you have in regards to this ingredient, Flaxseed is a known source of Omega 3 fatty acids which can help to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. It is also a source of fiber, helping to support optimal GI health.

Pure Balance Dog Food Formulas, Sizes, and Price

Grain-Free Wild and Free Bison, Peas and Venison

Made with all-natural ingredients and packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Bison is listed as the first ingredient and this is a holistic food that comes at a cheap price. Made with no artificial flavors or colors, Pure Balance Grain Free Wild and Free Bison, Peas, and Venison are formulated for all life stages.

Sizes Available: 4 pounds, 24 pounds, and 30 pounds



Grain-Free Wild and Free Salmon and Peas

Salmon is the first ingredient and made with no artificial flavors or preservatives. Formulated for all life stages and packed with essential vitamins and minerals your dogs need to thrive. Packed with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, this food will give your dog a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Sizes Available: 11 pounds and 24 pounds



Chicken and Brown Rice

Chicken is the first ingredient listed and this food is made with added vitamins and minerals. Made with no artificial flavors and preservatives, this food comes with a cheap price tag.

Sizes Available: 5 pounds, 24 pounds, and 30 pounds



Lamb and Brown Rice

Lamb is listed as the first ingredient. Made without corn or wheat and made with all-natural ingredients, this formula is perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Sizes Available: 5 pounds, 15 pounds, and 30 pounds



Small Breed Chicken and Garden Vegetables

Real chicken is the first ingredient and made with no artificial flavors or preservatives, this formula is made with a tiny kibble size perfect for small mouths.

Sizes Available: 4 pounds



Pure Balance Dog Food Rating from Pet Parents

When it comes to a Pure Balance dog food rating from various pet parents out there, most of the ratings and reviews I have found have been fairly positive. Take a look for yourself at what some pet parents have been saying about this food down below.

This food is absolutely amazing! I recently rescued a rat terrier that refused to eat the food the shelter workers gave us. Switched him to Pure Balance and he absolutely loves it. He has a lot more energy then he ever had before, and his coat looks amazing. -Anthony

My puppy gets diarrhea on every other dog food brand, but his stools are nice and solid on Pure Balance. This is a great food for dogs who suffer from sensitive stomachs. -Norse77

My dog prefers this food rather than beg for my filet mignon. My dog eats this food excitedly, even when we are eating meat in front of him. He doesn’t even beg anymore. He is too preoccupied with his own food. This is a first for me. -Nancy

This food is absolutely wonderful. This food is so great, we will never switch to any other dog food. Our dogs suffer from food allergies and this is the only brand they don’t react to. -Teresa Layton

I love this dog food. My dog adores this food so of course, I’m absolutely thrilled that my dog is happy. I highly recommend it. -Heather B.


My Final Opinion

After carefully looking at the ingredients of this food, taking into account its price, real customer reviews, and its availability, Pure Balance dog food is a food I don’t have a problem recommending. Yes, while there are a few controversial and unhealthy ingredients used, it is still not the worst brand of food to be on supermarket shelves. For an affordable price, owners will be able to introduce their dog to a grain-free alternative without breaking their wallet in the process.

Final Verdict:


Have you fed your dog Pure Balance dog food? If so, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments sections below!

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2 thoughts on “Pure Balance Dog Food Review: How Balanced Is It?

  • May 24, 2020 at 10:04 am

    Fed 2 chihuahuas the beef and wild boar a couple times because they loved it but kind of strange they both got sick and we lost one of them having kidney failure and not to say the food had anything to do with it, Just not sure but Research the food before you give it to Your dogs if You Love them and what may affect 1 dog may not affect another but just be aware and careful with anything you feed them.

    • May 24, 2020 at 7:43 pm

      I agree. Always take your own dog’s health and preferences into consideration. What may work for one dog, may not necessarily work for yours.

      Thanks for the comment!


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