How To Find The Ideal Dog Food For Your Dog


Reviewing Dog Food – Find the Ideal Dog Food for Your Pet

You find all kinds of dog food out there; some are high quality, but there are so many low-quality foods too. As a dog owner, you should know how to tell them apart. Dogs may survive on anything, even low-quality commercial dog foods, but you want your canine friend to thrive, not just survive.

If you want your dog to have as healthy a life as possible, you should provide a high-quality dog food that is a complete balanced diet for the dog. The ingredients that go into the food should be nearest to what the ancestors of dogs used to eat. Any dog food that does not have the type of ingredients essential for dogs as well as those containing ingredients unsuitable for dogs is low-quality dog food, even when the label says ‘complete balanced food.’

So many dog owners select dog foods by comparing their prices alone. Although it’s tempting to be economical, and natural to assume that the difference in prices is just a marketing strategy, I want to warn you that all dog foods are not the same in quality. Some of them contain ingredients that are not good for dogs; some of them can be downright harmful too.

Many low-quality dog foods have grains as their main component. That’s because they are much cheaper than meat. Dogs have practically become omnivores as a result of their long association with humans and can tolerate grains to some extent. Taking advantage of this fact, many pet food manufacturers substitute quality proteins with grains in dog food. But be warned: carbohydrate-rich food is unhealthy for your canine friend.

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Choose your dog food according to the dog’s nutritional needs. Dogs are carnivores by nature. Even though they are not obligate carnivores like cats, and can tolerate some amount of carbohydrates, their diet should be predominantly meat-based. All high-quality dog foods are mainly meat-based with some amount of natural fats and small amounts of carbohydrates incorporated into them to make them balanced diets. Read the labels, and avoid foods laced with preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. Some dog food manufacturers use these chemical substances to make the food more attractive, but they have no nutritional value. You should stay away from these harmful additives.

Dogs are affected by so many diseases, but many of them can be resolved by changing their diet. Also, some dogs may have special nutritional needs due to some medical condition. These are things you should consider while choosing the right dog food for your dog.

High-quality dog foods are not that hard to find. In fact, you have a wide variety to choose from. They are available in many forms such as wet food, raw food, and home-cooked food, besides the regular commercial food in dry form.

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