Halo Holistic Dog Food-Is It as Holistic as It Claims?

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Halo dog food is one of the most popular brands of dog food that you will find on the market today. Even before I wrote this Halo dog food review, even I have had my experience with feeding this food to my own dogs. It wasn’t because I thought this food was incredibly healthy. To be honest, I just wanted to see whether or not my dogs liked it or not.

So, how is Halo Holistic dog food? Let’s jump into my honest Halo Holistic dog food review to find out.

For this halo holistic dog food review, we will be focusing on the Adult Chicken and Chicken Liver recipe.


Name: Halo Holistic

Website URL: www.halopets.com

Formulas Available: Puppy, Adult, Small Breed, Senior, Vegan, healthy Weight and Grain Free

Flavors Available: Turkey, Turkey Liver and Duck, Surf and turf, Lamb and Lamb Liver, Chicken and Chicken Liver, Salmon and Whitefish, Game bird Medley and Garden of Vegan

Sizes Available: 4 pounds, 10 pounds, 14 pounds and 25 pounds

Price: Varies

Overall Rating:paw printpaw printpaw printpaw printpaw print

Halo dog food

Guaranteed Analysis


Crude Fat (Min.)


Crude Fiber (Max.)


Moisture (Max.)


Vitamin E (Min.)

250 IU/kg

Omega 6 Fatty Acids (Min.)*


Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Min.)*


Calorie Count (ME Calculated):

3,660 kcal /kg; 403 kcal/cup



Chicken, chicken liver, dried egg product, oatmeal, pearled barley, dried peas, dried chickpeas, soy protein concentrate, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), flaxseed, pea fiber, natural flavor, dicalcium phosphate, calcium Sulphate, dried Bacillus coagulans fermentation product, dried blueberry, dried cranberries, dried carrot, dried sweet potatoes, calcium carbonate, salt, dried golden algae, inulin, vitamins, potassium chloride, minerals, taurine, mixed tocopherols (preservative)

Ingredient Breakdown

1. Chicken

Chicken is a high quality and lean protein source. However, during the cooking process, the amount of protein contained in the chicken is reduced by at least half.

2. Chicken Liver

Chicken liver is another high-quality source of protein as well as fat and vitamin A. However, this ingredient has a higher fat content than most foods on the market, so only lean, young and underweight dogs should consume this ingredient.

3. Dried Egg Product

Dried egg product is an egg obtained from an egg hatchery that has been dehydrated prior to use. It is packed with plenty of protein and it is considered to be moderately nutritious.

4. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is considered to be a high-quality source of carbohydrates that is found in most holistic pet foods. It can help to promote a healthy GI tract as well as help to calm upset tummies.

5. Pearled Barley

This is an ingredient often used in holistic dog foods as a substitution for brown rice or oat bran. While moderately nutritious, keep in mind that too much of this ingredient can cause dogs to have diarrhea.

6. Dried Peas

This is an ingredient that contains a surprising amount of protein as well as fiber, vitamin A and potassium. This is an ingredient that can help to promote optimal GI health.

7. Dried Chickpeas

This is an ingredient that offers a perfect balance between protein and fiber. It is also an ingredient that is low in fat and pack full of plenty of vitamins and minerals, making it one of those few ingredients that are highly beneficial to your dog.

8. Soy Protein Concentrate

This ingredient is considered to be an excellent source of protein for dogs. Not only does it provide a high protein content, but it also contains a well-balanced amino acid profile.

9. Chicken Fat

Chicken fat is one of the few ingredients that is considered to be a healthy source of fat. It is packed full of Omega 6 fatty acids and can help to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.

10. Flaxseed

This is one of the few controversial ingredients that can be found in this food. Regardless of your personal views on this ingredient, this has been known to be packed full Omega 3 fatty acids and fiber. This ingredient can help to support healthy skin, a shiny coat and optimal GI health.

11. Pea Fiber

This is an ingredient that is most commonly found in weight management formulas for the simple fact that it contains a low caloric content than most ingredients used in commercial pet foods. It is also an ingredient that is high in a mineral known as lysine and tryptophan.

12. Natural Flavor

This is another ingredient that is considered to be slightly controversial. The main reason for this is because pet owners aren’t told exactly where the flavor is coming from. Know that the flavor tends to come from a variety of meat, vegetable and fruit sources. It is an ingredient that is mostly used to boost the flavor of the kibble itself so dogs are enticed to eat it.

Halo Holistic Dog Food Formulas, Sizes and Price

Halo Holistic dog food, as you have seen, comes in a variety of different flavors, formulas, sizes and price. Check down below to see exactly how much this dog food runs in most stores today.


This is a formula that is meant just for growing and aging puppies. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals and protein, this will help to ensure puppies grow nicely into their bodies.

Flavors Available: Chicken and Chicken Liver and Game Bird Medley

Sizes Available: 4 pounds and 10 pounds

Small Breed

This is a formula crafted with tiny mouths in mind. Made with high quality proteins and tiny kibble size, it will keep the smallest of dogs full throughout the day.

Flavors Available: Wild Salmon and Whitefish, Game Bird Medley and Chicken and Chicken Liver

Sizes Available: 4 pounds and 10 pounds


A high-quality formula made with superior digestibility in mind. Made with high quality nutrients and ingredients, this is a food that will benefits dogs of all breeds.

Flavors Available: Lamb and Lamb Liver, Chicken and Chicken Liver, Wild Salmon and Whitefish, Surf and Turf, Turkey, Turkey Liver and Duck

Sizes Available: 4 pounds, 14 pounds and 25 pounds


This is a formula that helps to support the changing metabolism and activity of aging pups. Made with leaner protein sources and plenty of vitamins and minerals, this is a delicious formula that will benefit dogs who have calmed down.

Flavors Available: Wild Salmon and Whitefish, Turkey, Turkey Liver and Duck

Sizes Available: 4 pounds and 10 pounds


This is a vegan friendly recipe made with the perfect combination of chickpeas, plenty of fresh garden veggies and made without any meat sources.

Flavor Available: Garden of Vegan

Sizes Available: 4 pounds and 10 pounds

Healthy Weight

Made just for overweight dogs with low activity levels, this is a formula that is made with lean meats such as turkey, turkey liver and duck. Made with lower calories and fat, this is a formula that will boost the metabolism of a dog naturally for easy weight loss.

Flavors Available: Turkey, Turkey Liver and Duck and Wild Salmon and Whitefish

Sizes Available: 4 pounds, 14 pounds and 25 pounds


Halo Dog Food Reviews and Rating from Pet Parents

When it comes to getting actual Halo dog food reviews and ratings from pet parents, most of the reviews I was able to find online have been mostly positive. Take a look below at what some pet parents have been saying about this dog food.

This food works well for my 15 year old dog. This is actually the only food my sensitive dog can eat. My dog suffers from various digestive issues and arthritis, but with the help of this food, he has been acting like a puppy again. I love what this food has done for my dog. -Reviewer

This is a high quality and premium dog food that I absolutely love. I get this food regularly for my dog and have no plans on changing foods any time soon. -BeBrilliant22

Halo for a positively healthier dog. After doing some extensive research, we decided to feed our dog Halo dog food. Our dog is almost 10 years old and after a few days of feeding him this food, his energy level picked up dramatically. Don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself! -Low Tech Grandma

This is the best dog food ever! Our dog absolutely loves this food. Not only does he love it, but as pet parents, we are very happy with the product as well with its reasonable price. – Jon Strong

Our dog chooses this food over any other premium dog food we have fed him. We have tried legit over 20 different brands on our dog, but this is the only one he will eat. This is great for pet owners with picky dogs. -Lenox

My Final Opinion

After carefully looking a Halo dog food by looking at its availability, price, ingredients, guaranteed analysis and have taken into consideration what some pet parents have been saying about this food, this is a brand of dog food, I have no problem recommending. It is made with high quality protein sources and most of the formulas have only a few ingredients used, making it perfect for dogs with sensitivities. Not only is it easy on the wallet, but it will be easy on your dog as well.

Final Verdict:

thumbs up

Highly Recommended!

Have you fed your dogs Halo Holistic dog food? If so, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments section down below!

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2 thoughts on “Halo Holistic Dog Food-Is It as Holistic as It Claims?

  • October 20, 2020 at 1:07 am

    I’ve added Halo dry and canned food (chicken and rice) for the last 7 years since my collie was diagnosed with cancer. I’ve recommended it to several other people. But in the last 5 months the canned food is giving my dogs diarrhea. What’s up? Has it changed? They have never had an issue, but now I’m afraid to give them even small amounts

    • October 20, 2020 at 3:47 am

      It is a possibility, though I can’t find anything that says otherwise.

      If it worries you, I’d try switching flavors. If that still doesn’t work, you may have to forego the brand altogether. I also recommend asking your dog’s veterinarian to make sure it isn’t a possible symptom of the cancer.


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