EVO Dog Food Review-Evolutionary Diet for Dogs?

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To be honest, I had never heard of EVO dog food until I was creating a top 10 dog food brands of 2018 post for this very website. After researching this food more in-depth, I was surprised at how nutritious this dog food was. So much so in fact, I’m considering switching my dogs to this food! So how healthy is it? Let’s jump right into my honest EVO dog food review to find out!

In this EVO dog food review, I will be looking closely at the Red Meat Formula.

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Evo dog food

My Honest EVO Dog Food Review


Name: EVO

Website URL: www.evopet.com

Formulas Available: Large bites, Small Bites, and Adult

Flavors Available: Turkey and Chicken, Red Meat and Herring and Salmon

Sizes Available: 6.6 pounds and 28.6-pound bags

Price: Varies

Overall Rating: paw print ratingpaw print ratingpaw print ratingpaw print ratingpaw print rating


Guaranteed Analysis


Value (units)

Crude Protein (Min)

42.0 %

Crude Fat (Min)

22.0 %

Crude Fiber (Max)

2.5 %

Moisture (Max)

10.0 %

Linoleic Acid (Min)

1.2 %

Vitamin E (Min)

250.0 IU/kg

Ascorbic Acid (Min)

100.0 mg/kg

Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Min)

0.4 %

EPA + DHA (Min)

0.1 %

Carbohydrates NFE (Max)

17.0 %

Total Microorganisms (Min)

900,000.0 CFU/lb

Calorie Content

  • 4051.0 kcal/kg
  • 509.0 kcal/cup


Ingredients: Beef, pork meal, salmon meal, tapioca starch, peas, sunflower oil, (preserved with mixed tocopherols a source of vitamin E) beef fat, bison, lamb, venison, natural flavors, menhaden oil, apples, eggs, carrots, potassium chloride, pumpkin, tomatoes, cottage cheese, alfalfa sprouts, mineral (zinc proteinate, Iron proteinate, copper proteinate, manganese, calcium iodate) dried chicory root extract, Vitamin E supplement, ascorbic acid, Vitamins 9betaine hydrochloride, Vitamin A supplement, niacin supplement, calcium pantothenate, beta carotene, Vitamin B12 supplement, Vitamin D3 supplement, Riboflavin supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, biotin, folic acid) Direct fed microbials (dried enterococcus faeclum dried lactobacillus acidophilus, dried lactobacillus casei) Rosemary extract.

Ingredient Breakdown

1. The first ingredient listed in this food is Beef. Beef, while being a high-quality protein source is higher in fat content than many other meat sources that can be used in dog food. During the cooking process, the beef is reduced by nearly up to half, reducing the amount of protein in the ingredient itself.

2. The second ingredient is Pork Meal. Pork Meal is a highly digestible source of protein. It can contain up to 300% more protein than pork does alone. However, many pet nutritionists believe that pork is not appropriate to feed to any dog.

3. The third ingredient listed in this food is Salmon Meal. Salmon meal contains up to 300% more protein than salmon does on its own. This ingredient is also a great source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, helping to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.

4. The fourth ingredient is Tapioca Starch. Tapioca starch is starch that is extracted from the root of a cassava plant and used as a source of carbs in many dog food diets that are grain-free. However, keep in mind that this ingredient lacks any quality nutrients, so it is often viewed as a filler.

5. The fifth ingredient listed in this food are Peas. Peas themselves are a surprising source of protein, fiber, vitamin A and potassium. This is an ingredient that helps to support optimal GI health.

6. The sixth ingredient is Sunflower Oil. Generally, sunflower oil is seen as one of the healthier sources of fat that can be used in dog foods today. It is low in saturated fats and rich in vitamin E and natural antioxidants.

7. The seventh ingredient listed in this food is Beef Fat. This is another high-quality source of fat as well as a small source of protein. It is also packed with Omega 6 fatty acids, supporting healthy skin and a shiny coat.

8. The eighth ingredient is Bison. Bison is a high quality and exotic protein source used that will give your dog a bit of variety in his/her diet. This is a protein source that is leaner than beef and contains more protein than beef does alone.

9. The ninth ingredient listed in this food is Lamb. Lamb is a valuable source of protein. It contains a higher percentage of iron than most meats used in dog food and is packed full of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, supporting healthy skin and a shiny coat.

10. The tenth ingredient is Venison. Venison is a high-quality meat source that is perfect for dogs who suffer from food sensitivities to chicken or beef.

11. The eleventh ingredient is Natural Flavors. This is an ingredient that is considered to be controversial because it is not clear what sources these natural flavors originate from. However, oftentimes these flavors typically come from various meat, fruit, and vegetable sources. It is only used to enhance the flavor of the food to entice dogs to eat it.

12. The twelfth ingredient in this food is Menhaden Oil. Menhaden oil is a quality fish oil that can help support healthy skin and a shiny coat due to the fact that it is packed full of natural Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Flavors Available

There are a few flavors available with Innova EVO dog food. The flavors available include:

  • Turkey and Chicken
  • Red Meat
  • Herring and Salmon

EVO Dog Food Sizes and Price

Because of the various flavors and formulas available with EVO dog food, the price of the food varies dramatically. Check out the sizes and prices available for this dog food below.

Turkey and Chicken Small Bites Formula

  • 6.6 pound bag
  • 28.6 pound bag

Red Meat Formula

  • 6. 6 pound bag
  • 28.6 pound bag

Turkey and Chicken Large Bites Formula

  • 28.6 pound bag

EVO Dog Food Reviews and Complaints

When it comes to this particular brand of holistic dog food, the various reviews, and complaints left by actual customers vary. Take a look below at what some pet parents are saying about this dog food down below.

EVO dog food is great for picky eaters! My own Cairn Terrier and Shih Tzu love EVO small bites. But it is harder to find this food in my area so buying it online has become extremely convenient. -Melanie S., February 4th

Best low carb, high quality dog food I have ever been able to find. My dog was very reluctant to eat this at first but after his first bite, he gobbled it up in no time. I highly recommend this food. -Arjun, September 14th

I give this food five stars! This is the closest thing to a raw diet that you can feed to your dogs. -Carrie Flanagan, July 17th


Final Opinion

After carefully looking at EVO dog food for this honest EVO dog food review, I’ve had to take into account certain things in order to give this dry dog food its 5 paw rating. After taking into consideration actual customer complaints and reviews, its price, overall availability, and ingredients, I can conclude that this in one brand of dry dog food that I highly recommend. The ingredients listed alone help to speak for itself. Made with high-quality protein sources and grain-free alternative to pet parents, this is a wonderful dry dog food that will feed your dog with the highest quality ingredients possible and feed your dog’s inner wolf.

However, keep in mind that it is harder to find in most areas than most dog foods and its high price can make this dog food not a viable option for most pet parents. However, if you have the money and are able to purchase this food near you, this is a brand of food I highly recommend for your dog.

Final Verdict:

Pup Approved and Highly Recommended


Have you and your dog tried EVO dog food? If so, what did you think of it? Did you love it, or did you hate it? Let me know down in the comments section below!

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EVO dog food
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