Dog Cupcake Recipe: Pumpkin Pupcakes!

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I’m not going to lie: I have never made a dog cupcake recipe before.

It’s not that I have never seen them. Hell, any time I have taken a trip to a dog bakery, dog cupcakes seem to be all over the place. I have just never made them before. I don’t even make cupcakes for the humans in my house. So, what went through my mind to make these I have no clue.

I was probably just bored.

Regardless, I decided to try my hand at making cupcakes for pups and I have to admit, I have a lot to improve on. Dog safe frosting DOES NOT like to be as fluffy as I thought it would be. Regardless, my girl gobbled them up when I served them to her so as long as she loved them I’m satisfied.

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dog cupcake recipe

What’s In It?

Oat Flour

Typically, with most of my recipes, I tend to stick to grain-free options like coconut flour or chickpea flour. However, due to recent news about chickpeas and peas being linked to heart disease in dogs, I decided for this recipe to use oat flour instead. It is still a safe flour alternative to use that will give these cupcakes a fluffy consistency.


Baking Powder

I used this ingredient as a leavening agent in this cupcake recipe. Do not ever feed your dog baking powder directly.


Canned Pumpkin

There are a variety of benefits to feeding dogs pumpkin. From keeping them hydrated to helping to alleviate constipation or diarrhea, there are plenty of reasons to feed your dog pumpkin as a treat. Check out this in-depth post about how pumpkin can benefit your dog here.



Unsweetened Applesauce

While applesauce can irritate a dog’s stomach if fed directly, it is ok in moderate amounts in dog treats. Applesauce is packed full of antioxidants, dietary fiber and Vitamin C dogs can benefit from.




Eggs are a natural source of protein for dogs and are a great ingredient to use in dog treats to give your dogs a nutrition boost.


Vegetable Oil

While I typically like to avoid vegetable oil in most of my dogs treats due to the fact that some dogs can have an allergic reaction to it due to the corn or soybean products within it, for this recipe I used a moderate amount that it would not even have an effect on my dog. If you want, feel free to use flaxseed oil or olive oil instead.


Dog Cupcakes-The Process

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Line a muffin tin with paper muffin liners of your choice. For these cupcakes, I went with a Halloween theme since it’s getting closer to the spooky holiday. Set aside to use for later.

In a bowl, add in the oat flour, baking powder, canned pumpkin, applesauce, vegetable oil, and eggs. Stir well until smooth in consistency. Don’t over stir the mixture. Just stir enough for any lumps to disappear.

dog cupcake recipe

Scoop the batter into the muffin pan, filling each cup ¾ of the way full. Place into the oven to bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until baked through. Remove and set aside to cool completely.

Decorate with your favorite dog safe frosting.


dog cupcake recipe

dog cupcake recipe


There you have it!

After playing with this recipe, you can be sure I am tempted to try making even more dog cupcakes (which I WILL be doing in the next two weeks for something special on my Instagram page) and tweaking the recipes to make them look as delicious as my dogs seem to think they taste.

If you try making this recipe for yourself, tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #PetFoodiotreats and we will share your creations with our audience!

See you next time!

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