DIY Homemade Pumpkin Dog Donuts

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Unlike most of the homemade recipes on this site, making these homemade pumpkin dog donuts has been quite a journey. A journey that has taken a few months in fact! When I originally started these treats, I tried a few things to make the process easier and so I could try a new invention of sorts: dog safe mirror glaze. If you can’t tell, none of my experiments worked, though this was a recipe I wanted to get out of the way anyway!

Instead of reading my ramblings on the process, let’s just get right into what you need to make these donuts for your best friend and jump right into the recipe itself!

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dog donuts

Homemade Pumpkin Dog Donuts: What You Need

There are a few key ingredients you will need for this recipe. However, feel free to remove or add any ingredient you wish. This recipe is very versatile, so don’t hesitate to get creative!


Oat Flour

Oat flour is the perfect type of flour to use for this recipe for several reasons. First and foremost, oat flour is a much healthier alternative to most traditional baking flours. Furthermore, this type of oil is rich in Omega 6 fatty acids and soluble fiber, which can help keep dogs regular and support a shiny coat.

For this recipe, you can also use whole wheat flour or chickpea flour if you wish.


Rolled Oats

This is an ingredient I added on a whim, though I was going to add in Flaxseed originally. Oats are rich in linoleic acid, a known type of Omega 6 fatty acids which have been proven to support healthy skin and a shiny coat. Oats can also be a source of fiber, which can help support a healthy digestive system.



This recipe calls for the use of eggs, mostly for the moisture factor. However, one of the benefits of using eggs in this recipe and any other treat recipe on this site is for the boost of protein, riboflavin, and selenium.


homemade dog donuts
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Organic Pureed Pumpkin

Pumpkin, in general, is loaded with various benefits that can help dogs thrive. From helping to support healthy eye function to support a healthy digestive system, there is no end to what pumpkin can do for a dog’s body. Read more about the benefits of pumpkin for dogs by clicking here.


Coconut Oil

This beneficial ingredient can help to sustain higher energy levels, improve skin health, support a shiny coat and support healthy digestion. This ingredient is used in this recipe for added moisture.


Baking Powder

While this ingredient can be dangerous in large quantities, for this recipe, it is used in safe portions. I used this ingredient to add some extra fluff to the donuts.


Ground Cinnamon

This ingredient is rich in antioxidant properties, which can be beneficial to older dogs or dogs with sore joints and muscles. Cinnamon is also rich in antioxidants which can help support a healthy immune system. Even more, cinnamon can also help support healthy heart function according to this study published.


Dog Safe Treat Icing

Now, for this recipe, I used Pastries4pets Grain-free icing, as I tend to do with most of the recipes on this site. However, if you don’t have access to Pastries4pets dog treat icing, feel free to use your favorite treat icing, melted unsweetened carob or icing made from plain yogurt instead. Again, feel free to get creative with this recipe.



Pumpkin Dog Donuts: The Recipe

homemade dog donuts


Have you tried making dog donuts before? Have you tried making these dog donuts? If so, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram using the hashtag #petfoodiotreats and you may end up on a future post here at!

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2 thoughts on “DIY Homemade Pumpkin Dog Donuts

  • June 26, 2021 at 9:35 pm

    Pretty simple, and of course the dogs love them! I decorated half with Greek yogurt and sprinkles, and the holes with chunky peanut butter and sprinkles.

    • July 7, 2021 at 4:36 am

      I am so happy your dogs love them. They are a ton of fun to make and love that they are so versatile. Thanks!


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