Christmas Stockings for Dogs-You Never Knew These Existed!

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christmas stockings for dogs

Picture it: you are setting up your Christmas tree and hanging your family’s stocking on the shelf when you realize you don’t have a stocking for your furry best friend. Just as there are Christmas toys for pups, there are plenty of Christmas stockings for dogs as well. The stockings you can get for your dog are pretty much the same as you can get for members of your own family, just personalized for your dog.

We scoured the Internet for the best Christmas stockings for dogs we could find. I promise you, you will not be disappointed with our list!


Christmas Stocking for Dogs

1. Aparty4u Dog Christmas Stockings

These stockings feature a cute upgraded dog paw design and made out of a luxurious soft material that will make your dog feel part of the family tradition. These stockings can easily be hung on the fireplace, wall, Christmas tree or staircase with ease.


2. Christmas Dog Stocking

This is a Christmas dog stocking that is made with simplicity in mind. Made with red velvet, a white velvet cuff and paw prints embroidered on the body, this is a festive stocking you won’t have a problem hanging. This stocking can be personalized with up to a 12 character name, making it unique to your dog.


3. Beyond Your Thoughts Cotton Christmas Stockings

These adorable bone stockings are made with a cute bone shape, making them different than traditional Christmas stockings for dogs. Each stocking is large in size, with plenty of room to stuff with treats and toys.


4. DIBSIES Personalized Dog Paw Christmas Stocking

These paw shaped stockings are made with an ultra soft red velvet material and personalized with a name up to 9 letters. It is a generous size, perfect for stuffing with holiday gifts.


5. Glitzhome Handmade Hook Dog Christmas Stocking

If you are looking for a Christmas stocking that has a warm homey feeling, then this is the perfect Christmas stocking to get for your dog. It is made out of high-quality material, completely handmade with generous embellishments to enhance the holiday theme. These stockings can be easily hung from fireplaces, walls or shelves.


6. Kurt Adler “Good Dog” Stocking

Want to let everyone know just how much of a good boy your dog has been this year? These stockings are made with durable polyester, embroidered lettering and ribbon bone design. These stockings are standard in size, with plenty of room for toys and treats.


7.  New Traditions 2 Pack Fleece Pet Stocking

Do you have more than 1 dog? If so, this 2 pack of blue fleece stockings are the perfect solution for you. These stockings are 19 inches in length and beautifully designed with a Christmas lights design, snow, an adorable puppy and presents galore. Made with an attached hanging loop, displaying these stockings are incredibly easy.


8. St. Nicholas Mini Cable Knit Christmas Stocking

There is nothing that says Christmas quite like this Christmas stocking. Made with a classic red velvet knit design and featuring a bright red paw print on the ruff, this is a Christmas stocking you won’t have a problem hanging on the wall.


9. Lillian Vernon Personalized Dog Christmas Stocking

If you are looking for a Christmas stocking that you can personalize for your dog, then look no further! These stockings feature an unforgettable Christmas dog design with the ability to personalize the ruff with the name of your choice. With a length of 18 inches, you can stuff as many toys and treats for your good boy that you want.


10. Woof Dog Christmas Stocking

This is a handmade knitted dog stocking that will warm your heart during the Christmas season. Made with a dangling candy cane strip bone design on the surface, this stocking will look adorable next to your family stockings.


11. Dear Santa Dog Stocking

These unique Christmas stockings are made with a natural burlap cotton fabric with a personalized letter to Santa, claiming how much of a good dog your fur baby has been this year. Made with a plaid hanging loop, you can hang these stockings on a wall or shelf with ease.


12. Dog Print Christmas Stocking

This is the perfect stocking if you want others to know whose stocking it is. Featuring a white design with gray paw prints speckling the surface, this is the perfect stocking for any fireplace, shelf of bookcase.


13. BambooMN Classic Dog Christmas Stocking

There is no other cute Christmas stocking that quite compares to this stocking. It is made with a classic hand embroidered and sequined cute dog design that is unique to each stocking. It is big enough along the ruff to personalize it with your pet’s name and beautiful enough to hang alongside your holiday decorations.



14. Deluxe Christmas Dog Stocking

This is the perfect Christmas stocking for any dog or puppy in your family. 18 inches of embroidered design and a pop out dog design, this durable stocking is meant for longevity and can be used for several Christmas’ to come!



15. Flomo Classic Plush Paw Print Christmas Stocking

This is the perfect Christmas dog stocking if you are looking for something simple yet festive. Measuring 16 inches from the top to the end of the toe, this simple Christmas stocking is made with soft plush and easy to hang in any location.


There you have it!

Hopefully by the end of this long post, you have found plenty of Christmas stockings for dogs to choose from. Remember, there are some stockings in this post that can be personalized and some that don’t offer that as an option. In the end, be sure to go with your gut and choose the best stocking that will fit not only your dog, but the theme of your Christmas decorations as well.

See you next time!


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