25 of The Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs

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Christmas is just around the corner and it’s that time we here at PetFoodio.com look at the best of the best Christmas gifts for dogs so you can get your furry best friend the perfect gift!

Keep in mind, most of these gifts I picked for this list was mainly because I would get these gifts for my own dog (I’m not biased, I swear). But each of these gifts would undoubtedly make your own dog happy.

So, let’s stop wasting time and get right into the good stuff!


the best Christmas gifts for dogs,

The Best of the Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs


#1. Lamphyface 2 Pack Christmas Plaid Bandana

This soft bandana gift is perfect for your dog to wear on Christmas day. It is made with a high-quality, durable and breathable fabric that will make your dog look cute and festive.


#2. Bocce’s Bakery Birthday Cake Biscuits

Want to spoil your dog with something delicious for the holidays? Then look no further than this gift! While it may not be your dog’s birthday, I guarantee they will enjoy it all the same.


#3. Dog Gift Basket

Not sure what to get your dog for Christmas? Then this is the perfect gift! This dog gift basket comes loaded with a durable rope toy, pup pop squeaker toy and loads of treats your dog will love.



#4. Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Toy

This is a toy that is not only fun to play with, but very stimulating for your dog. It features a challenging puzzle that is guaranteed to keep dogs entertained for hours.



#5. Sub-Gift Christmas Stocking

What says treating your dog as one of the family than giving him or her their own Christmas stocking? This stocking is stuffed with a Christmas themed rope toy, squeaker toy and Christmas themed tennis ball.



#6. Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix for Dogs

You aren’t the only one who has to enjoy Christmas with some ice cream. Give your dog ice cream too! This mix just requires the addition of water and boom: homemade ice cream for your pooch.



#7. Custom Patch Personalized Dog Mat

This plush dog mat is perfect for dogs who need a soft spot to watch you unwrap your gifts from. Each mat can be personally customized to have your dogs named and features 4 cute styles to choose from.



#8. Christmas Dog Toy Stocking 4 Pack

Why give your dog only one Christmas gift when you can give them four? This gift box features a durable tennis ball, squeaky plush toy, festive snowman, and durable rope toy. 4 gifts mean four times the fun for your pooch.


#9. Claudia’s Canine Cuisine Santa Paws Gourmet Cookies

With this tasty gift, you don’t have to worry about making festive treats for your dog from scratch. Completely delicious and the perfect way to spoil your pup this holiday season.


#10. PetAmi Sherpa Dog Blanket

This plush and reversible dog blanket is the perfect way to help keep your dog warm this season. Customizable in various colors, this blanket is also easy to clean.



#11. AWOOF 5 Pack Christmas Dog Toy Set

All of the toys equal to a very happy puppy, regardless of age. This 5 pack gift set comes loaded with a reindeer squeaker toy, Christmas colored rope toy, Christmas themed rope chew ball and 2 piece bandana set.



#12. ROYBENS Christmas 6 Pack Stocking Set

This is a stocking set that includes plenty of toys to keep your dog entertained for days. While these toys may not be suitable for giant breeds, every other size breed will love them. This set includes plenty of Christmas themed rope toys and frisbee throw your dogs won’t be able to get enough of.



#13. Kyerivs Dog Christmas Santa Claus Costume

This may be a gift more for you than your dog, but it doesn’t mean they won’t love it. Watch your pup run around the house with a plush Santa Clause riding along his back.



#14. Tail Bangers Premium Human Grade Dog Treats

If you want to give your dog a natural and safe treat this holiday season, look no further than these treats. These human-grade treats are made without harmful preservatives, corn or soy. Best of all, they are made in the USA.



#15. Christmas Stocker Stuffer Toys for Dogs

Not sure what to get your dog? This stuffer could be the answer. This stocking stuffer is packed full of plenty of toys such as a chewable plush bone, two rope toys, 3 tennis balls, carrot squeaker plushies and a chew bone to give your dog plenty of options he or she will love.



#16. Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Reversible Plaid Winter Dog Coat

Need to keep your dog warm when you take them for an evening stroll this Christmas? Try this comfortable winter dog coat. It will keep them warm and dry even when they decide to romp around in the snow.



#17. Wolfe & Sparky Christmas Gift Box

This is a perfect gift for your dog, or it can make an awesome gift for a friend’s dog. This gift box includes a comfortable fleece blanket, 2 grooming products to help keep dogs clean, tasty peanut butter biscuit dog treats and 2 interactive dog toys.



#18. Furhaven Orthopedic Sofa Dog Bed

This can make the perfect gift for dogs suffering from stiff joints or aging dogs that just need to relax for Christmas. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, you can find the perfect dog bed to keep your dog comfortable this season.



#19. Golden Gift Box for Dogs

This awesome holiday gift box comes loaded with oven-baked dog bones, carry out dog treats, homemade jerky treats, a buffalo rib bone and a snacking bone that will help to keep dogs teeth clean and fresh.



#20. Eat Paws Play Doggy Gift Box

All dogs deserve to be spoiled for Christmas, and this gift will make that a guarantee. This gift box comes packed with an assortment of rope chew toys that even the hardiest of chewers won’t be able to destroy with ease.


#21. JOICE Dog Care Gift Basket

This is the perfect dog gift if you have absolutely no idea what to get your dog. It has everything they need to keep them entertained such as a rope toy, tennis balls and plenty of treats to choose from.



#22. Claudia’s Canine Cuisine Gift Set

This is one Christmas gift no dog will be able to turn down. This gift box comes with an assortment of treats to choose from, all made with 100% safe human grade ingredients your dog will love.


#23. Jalousie Toy Assortment

This gift is exactly what its name implies: an assortment of toys for your dog. This gift set includes so many toys, your dog won’t know what to do with them all. It includes plenty of rope toys, rope balls, rope tugs, and bones to keep entertained for months.



#24. Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball

Want to keep your dog’s attention on a toy for more than a few minutes? Then this is the perfect toy. This interactive toy comes loaded with over 20 sounds for endless puppy fun.



#25. Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy

This toy can be entertaining for you and your dog. This interactive toy makes 7 different fart sounds for simple and immature fun for the whole family to witness.


And there you have it!

Hopefully, I was able to give you plenty of ideas with my top 25 list of the best Christmas gifts for dogs. Remember, these gifts are not only perfect for your dog, but it is the perfect way to spoil any dog you know.


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